Monday, November 3, 2014

All are safely Gathered in....

I love the Thanksgiving season.

When Halloween is over, I am ready to take down the spiders and skulls. Storing them away til next year brings a sense of calm and respite.Creepy crawlies are exchanged for harvest and plenty.

Welcoming in the harvest season begins at the front door. I even plant brightly colored mums near the steps, just so we can enjoy the color with our harvest décor. 

Pumpkins, gourds, leaves and berries are gathered from the garden and surrounding fields. Fruit baskets, an old wagon and farm bucket make for delightful displays when filled with the gifts of mother earth.
Once the exterior is done, my heart turns to the hearth. It IS after all the heart of our home. Transforming the fireplace hearth and mantel brings me particular pleasure. Each year I begin by stripping it down to the bare bones.

A trip along the river bank or into the fields near our home comes next. I gather branches, leaves, fruits etc to dress the surfaces of our home. Pumpkins and gourds are gleaned from the garden

When I have gathered all that catches my eye, I bring it in and lay it out on the floor. Then the fun begins. Layer by layer the mantle and hearth are filled with the emblems we are THANKFUL for.


When the fireplace is finished I move on to warming the room as a whole.  I add the half panel fabric pieces to my white linen drapes. This immediately changes the feel of the room.

Runners in a fall print are added to our wingback chairs in the reading corner. Throws are pulled out too into a harvest basket for snuggling up.

Pillows are transformed with easy textural covers. Velvets, rough linens in fall prints, even burlap to complete our harvest look.(These custom embroidered pillows are available here .)

Last, the mayflower and pilgrims take their place of honor...this year at the center of our harvest table.

Welcome Thanksgiving....welcome friends and family...all are safely gathered in.

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