Let's  go for a swim! Jump in! Feet first for safety, but knowing little of what lies ahead!

Over time you will find  a crazy collection of tutorials on my blog.

I love everything from baking fabulous cupcakes to creating a crazy piece of art or tearing down an historic barn as therapy (the reward being hard work and lots of cool wood!)

Some of my tutorials will be step by step instructional pieces.
Step 1- Turn on your computer
Step 2- Go to Thirteen Apple Ave.blogspot
Step 3- Enjoy :)

Some tutorials will merely consist of a simple "before and after" or maybe even a "Hey look what I did!" (Confession...mostly because I am an impatient crafter /designer so I have a hard time photo taking each step and like even less writing about each step).

I am a doer. An experimenter. An adventurer.My philosophy in life and crafting is what's the worst that can happen? I may have to try it again...

I have found the best tutorial in life is trying things. So jump in with me! Try things... if you have questions shoot me an email or comment...I will do my best to share!

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