What I Believe

I believe...

I believe in fairies and flowers, soft falling rain and misty mountain peaks. I believe in foamy ocean waves cast along a beach.

I believe in childlike wonder and joy. In stomping through puddles, licking the beaters and cuddling with kittens.I believe in never fully growing up.

 I believe in keeping my heart open and willing so I might be touched with emotion and love for mankind. Especially  those who may wander in and out of the path I trod on my way through mortality.

I believe in moments of clarity when my heart, mind and body all witness a truth or emotion so powerful it becomes an undeniable part of who I am.

I believe in God my Eternal Father.
I believe in Jesus Christ. The son of God who was sent to earth to atone for my sins and through whom I may return to dwell once again in Heaven.
I believe in the Holy Ghost who can guide and direct the path I take on this earth.

Most of all, I believe in my family. Their spirits, sent from a loving Heavenly Father, entwine with mine creating the tapestry in which I dwell. Their choices and experiences color my life.Their love changes me daily.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Through my Christian beliefs, my love of family, my dedication to living a Christlike life and my desire to enjoy all the little things I am striving to be FABULOUS!

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